The right noble Baron and the beautiful Baroness of Knights Crossing have joined
hands with the most Honorable Shire of Ad Flumen Caerulum and invite all good
Lords and Ladies in their lands and beyond to come and attend a weekend of
Renaissance dance, known since time immemorial as


The Baron and Baroness desire for their subjects to learn the ancient art of dance, that they may better grace their court with knowledge of this gentle art. To this effect, they have hired dance masters and musicians from lands far and wide to come and provide instruction. In addition to learning, there shall be terpsichorean revels and a ball as no one has seen in many years. Come one and all to partake!

Academia della Danza combines live music on historical instruments by Gaita with instruction in 15th and 16th century dance from the (modern-day) regions of Italy, Spain, France, and England. There will be two tracks of classes to suit all needs and tastes: a beginner track, and an intermediate/advanced track. Classes for children will be offered if requested.

The site opens at 18:00 hrs on Thursday, 21 September. Classes will begin at 10:00 hrs on Friday morning and continue through Saturday late afternoon. On Saturday night there will be a feast and a ball for all to enjoy. The site closes on Sunday, 24 September at noon.